Murano glass ring 2



Oval: 37,7 mm x 27,33 mm

Ring height: 12,99 mm at the highest

Total height of the ring: 31,82 mm

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This ring was designed and made on the island of Murano, near Venice.

On this island, with a thousand-year-old history, glass has been worked since the 10th century.

The know-how of glass craftsmen was so appreciated beyond the lagoon that, as early as 1291, a decree prohibited them from leaving Murano. It was necessary to preserve the secrets of the manufacture of Venetian glass.

Indeed, Murano glass is remarkable for its unique and sophisticated appearance.

The Murano glass ring that we show here is a perfect example of this dexterity: an original piece made without mold by an experienced glassblower.

The blue and white designs are set on a 24 carat gold leaf. The result is incredibly modern.

Small imperfections in shape, as well as the air bubbles that can be seen, are a guarantee of handcrafted manufacture.

Murano glass must be seen as a brand and a guarantee of quality. It must be made respecting the precepts and techniques of the ancient Murano tradition.

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